Breakfast Semolina

Let’s talk about semolina.

Semolina is a fine fine fine fine grain, from the very centre of wheat.

It is similar to polenta or cornmeal in its grain and in its cooked consistency.

In some desserts, particularly Greek ones, semolina is used to make a custard filling for pastries.

In Poland, people cook up semolina like porridge and give it to their children for breakfast.

The semolina is cooked in milk, water or a combination of the two. You can make it as thick as you like and as sweet as you want.

I love it. My mum used to make it for me all the time when I was a kid. I loved it the most when she forgot to stir it and it went lumpy. Yum.

I cook mine very very thick with some brown sugar, then pour a little cold milk over the top. Its warm and hearty and fills you up in the morning.


1/3 cup semolina
1 cup milk
1/2 cup water
1 tbsp brown sugar
1/4 tsp salt

Put the semolina, milk, water, brown sugar and salt in a small saucepan.

Cook over a medium heat, stirring, until it is as thick as you want it. This usually takes about 3-5 minutes.

Serve in a bowl or mug with a little milk.

Makes one large serving or two small ones.

You can microwave any leftovers the next day to heat it up, then and add some milk and enjoy.

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  1. You have just made my day. Back home in South Africa one of my favourite warm porridges is Tastee Wheat. I’ve been looking for a suitable substitution here in Ireland like Cream of Wheat etc but haven’t come across anything yet.

    From your pics, I’d say that Tastee Wheat is just semolina! Which is great news for me!

    I’ll be having my favourite porridge again :D I like mine similar to yours except along with the brown sugar & cold milk, I also let a dab of salted butter melt over the top and semi stir it in before adding the cold milk. Yum!

        • I’m really glad you get to eat your favourite porridge again Mandy! Lumpy semolina porridge is the best!
          Where do you live now, you said you left South Africa?
          ps. I like you’re blog, those herbed burgers look delicious!

    • Me too!!! I’m in Australia now from south Africa and yes this is just like tastes wheat. I cook semolina now for my 4 kiddies. They all love it. I just buy the Aldi one. I use Brown sugar and a bit of cinnamon. Oh and butter nmmmmm. So quick. Thank you so much. Using milk and water cooks it the best, I always used just milk and it thickened too quick. I like mine really creamy and smooth.
      Thanx again xx

    • Oh I always wanted to go to Dublin, I’ve heard it’s beautiful!?
      Well I’m not much of a cook, but I might just pass your recipe on to someone who can make it for me :-)

      • Dublin is fantastic. Ireland is just beautiful, all year round :)

        I tried the semolina this morning for breakfast. It has a slightly finer texture, BUT, it tasted just like my Tastee Wheat :D Can’t believe how happy I am about porridge! :)

      • I love it too! I would say you can’t “lose weight” eating it though, its healthy but very filling and all carbs, like normal porridge. Great breakfast choice though!

  2. Breakfast Delight is not the same as Semolina, totally different taste but a similar texture. Breakfast Delight was taken off the market many years ago and its a pity because it is a great porridge.

  3. Hey Valerie, do you live in the USA by any chance? I got onto the Quaker site but you can only send a contact email if your in the States. I looked at their products and there is a cereal called Instant Grits. I am pretty sure it the old Breakfast Delight by the look of it. Let me know what you think.

      • Hi Valerie, I am in Mackay area. I will see if I can buy the Quakers Grits here and see if it is the old Breakfast Delight. Will let you know after I check it out, would be great if it is the same

  4. Just looking at the old Breakfast D-Light box…Brand is “Fountain”, Breakfast D-Light Semolina. Its quite old but still tastes great.!!!! As far as I can tell there are various grades of Semolina. Breakfast D-Light has a hint of yellow in it as its the heart of the weat.. I have purchased a bag of Semolina from Harris Farm and it was identical and tates just as good.:) My sister told me the other day that she can’t find that particular Semolina..I will have the check myself soon…Hope I have helped in some way..

    • Hi Garry,
      Thanks for the info on Breakfast D-light. I have tried search for info on it but no luck, I didn’t know the brand of it. I have tried the Semolina we sell here hoping it was breakfast d-light in disguise but not to be.
      I suppose it has been discontinued as most good things are. Great that you provided the info on it though, thanks again.
      Cheers Donna

      • Hi Donna,
        As best as I can tell, the Semolina we are looking for is the course type with a hint of yellow to show it’s the heart of the grain..Now I’m sorry I disposed of the plastic bag that the Semolina I purchased at Harris Farm was in..Now I will be on the lookout for Semolina that is identical to the old Breakfast D-Light.
        Will respond if I find same.

        • Thanks Garry, would be interested to know if you find it.I have purchased a few different brands of Semolina and they are more white in colour, will go hunting for a yellowish looking grain. Where is Harris Farm?

          • Harris Farm is here in Bathurst NSW where I live and also in Orange. I have a feeling they may be in Sydney also..But I will keep looking and report my findings.:)

  5. I have just cooked 3 different brands of Semolina, here are my results.
    From Woolworths, marco Natural Semolina. Tastes just like the old Breakfast D-Light.
    From Coles, coles Coarse Grit Semolina. Tastes just like the old Breakfast D-Light.
    From my local IGA, Anchor Semolina. To me it has been ground too fine so lacks texture and doesn’t taste particularly nice. I won’t be trying Anchor brand anytime soon.
    I hope I have been some kind of help.

    • Wow…I can’t believe you ate all that Semolina, hope you don’t get a belly ache. You are my Hero Garry, I am off shopping tomorrow to get my supply from Woolies and Coles. I can already taste it. Thank you soooooooo much for going to all the trouble to find a “Breakfast D-light”. Will let you know my verdict after I eat my two bowls.
      Cheers Donna

      • Thanks for your reply Donna. I made small quantities so as not to over I forgot to mention that I allways cook the Semolina in water with a pinch of salt, just as my mother did. all the recipes I have seen use milk. May try it some year. 1 1/2 to 2 tablespoons Semolina to 1 glass of water with a pinch of salt..Cook as you would rolled oats…Enjoy..

        • Thanks Garry. I always use water in any porridge, I can’t imagine it with milk but like you might try it one day, just not tomorrow…thats my “True Delight day”. Have a good weekend.

        • I think everyones on the “Semolina”….I have found the closest thing I will find to the old Breakfast D-light and I am sooooo happy, thanks to Garry. I looked up that link Natasha and that newspaper article was from around 1935, who would have thought Breakfast D-light existed way back then.

  6. I made this for breakfast today! Umm… Let me just begin by saying i have never been a fan of porridge – mainly because, it never has been what imagined it would taste like… ever! And just like me, my two and half year old isn’t a fan either.
    But THIS amazing porridge is EXACTLY what I imagined it would be, it was so delicious. Even my little girl had some!! Definitely making this again! Next time i might add some soaked sultanas and some cardamom powder to it. Thank you for this x

    • Hi Fazana!
      Oh I’m happy to hear you liked this so much! I’m a huge fan too, I love the texture :-) And soaked sultanas in it sound great!! Enjoy :-)

  7. Just made your recipe for breakfast this morning in my Thermomix. It came out perfectly and was delicious. I also added some raspberry coulis. It was just what I needed to warm me up on a cold Perth morning.

  8. This pudding is wonderful! I just returned from Poland, and it is very common there. If you do want a more traditional Polish taste, try beating one egg white until white and fluffy, and adding it to the pudding while it is still warm. Let it sit for a bit and then enjoy! :D

    • Thank you “Polska! I am Polish, and I make this the way my Polish mum used to make it for me, which was the way her mum and grandmother used to make it for her (with no eggs!) :-D

  9. Hello! I’m from Russia and it’s a traditional breakfast as well for many people (especially for children and especially at kindergartens haha). I like it a lot, but I think that most people over here make it not so thick… As for me, I cook it 1:8 with milk. But the approach is the same =)

  10. I live in the US, and can assure you that grits are not the same thing as semolina. A closer and widely available product here is Cream of Wheat. Grits are made from corn, more specifically ground hominy, and tastes nothing like semolina. (Personally, I find grits vile, but they’re quite popular in the southern part of the country.

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  12. As someone who’s just become a vegetarian, I’m eating a lot more grains, and have just discovered semolina. i think it’s great, although the way I made it it’s sort of mashed-potatoey. I can’t drink milk, so I did it wth just water. Would soy milk work in the semolina porridge?

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