French Pastries

So yesterday in Paris, Mum and I didn’t actually eat any proper food. We ate pastries.

We walked around Paris for about ten hours (so I guess we burnt it all off!) and every time I saw a patisserie I made her stop so we could go inside and every time she saw a cute cafe she made me stop so she could have a cafe creme.

We went to so many patisseries. We went to Patisserie Stohrer and we went to Paul. We also stopped at quite a few little nameless patisseries that looked appealing along our way. But our favorite of all was Du Pain et Des Idees.

I searched out Du Pain because I had read that it is one of the best patisserie boulangeries in Paris and I have had a picture of it on my real life pin board (not on Pinterest) for years.

It was a bit of a trek to get there as it isn’t particularly near any sights we wanted to see. Mum likes pastries and she eats everything I bake but she would never research and seek out a patisserie. So on the way there she goes, “these croissants better be worth this walk”.

Once she tried some pastries, she said it was totally worth it.

Everything in there was amazing. And the ladies were so so so lovey!! Now let’s take a look at what was inside our huge bag of baked goods…

Here is their croissant. A little ugly but totally buttery and flaky and melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

They have a large range of escargot and this particular one was with walnuts. Yum! So flaky.

The pain au chocolat was also very yummy and buttery. One of my favorite pastries.

This appleĀ  pastry, called pomme chausson was a new discovery for us in Paris as I haven’t really seen them around in Melbourne. Mum ordered one at every patisserie we went to. It was like a cross between escargot pastry and puff pastry and was filled with beautiful stewed apple filling. They were amazing and a favorite!

They also had a selection of little sourdough rolls called mini paves that had different savoury and sweet fillings. We loved these.

There was the spinach and ricotta one, which was Mum’s order and which she devoured in an instant.

Then there was the one with lardons (fatty french bacon pieces) and cheese. It was really good but the bacon flavour was quite strong (it is the top pastry with that oozy cheese).

This is the one with apples and ricotta. I can’t say I liked this one. The combination of apples and cheese and sourdough somehow didn’t do it for me.

This little baby had sundried tomatoes and cheese. Yum! We loved it.

Du Pain et Des Idees was absolutely beautiful. All of this came to about 11 Euros. Everything we tasted was great and the displays were gorgeous. If you’re ever in Paris, please go!

Du Pain et Des Idees.
34 Rue Yves Toudic
75010 Paris.

10 Thoughts on “French Pastries

  1. Good LORD!!!! Looks like you ladies are having a hoot!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I. am. so. jealous. of. you. and your mom! Those pastries look absolutely mouthwatering. I have a thing for pain au chocolat and I’ve found some pretty good ones here in Toronto, but I’m sure they don’t compare to the pastries in Paris.

    • Hey Kyleen! I know all about your love of croissants :-) Hardly any croissants I had in Melbourne compared to the ones in Paris. You can’t find a bad croissant in Paris. I think its the butter!

  3. They al look sensational! I would love to try them all!!!

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  5. Hey Natasha,
    What a beautiful blog! Am hooked on to this ever since I came here while searching for an apple pie recipe ..and this kinda tour of Paris is so much on my wish list too:-)
    Shall try the classic apple pie soon! Will let you know how it turned out!

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