Caramel Chocolate Truffles

Merry Christmas!

It is Christmas Eve, the tree is lit up and carols are playing. Miracle on 34th Street is about to come on TV and Mum and I are busy baking in the kitchen.

A couple of days ago, I made a big batch of gingerbread dough and left it in the fridge so I could roll and cut it today so we would have fresh gingerbread biscuits.

Unfortunately, and also very, very fortunately, my boss tasted my gingerbread and asked me to make some for him to sell at his cafe/bar. For the first time ever, someone actually paid to purchase and eat my baked goods! I was over the moon!

But all my dough went to fill the order so today I am scrambling to make some more Christmas treats I can give as gifts. And these truffles are a lifesaver.

They are an adaptation of a truffle recipe I make often, and they literally have four ingredients. You could go and make them now and they’d be in the fridge chilling in about 10 minutes time. Then tomorrow morning you can pop them into little bags, tie them closed with a ribbon and you have instant gifts.

Plus they are yummy. Chewy, with crunchy chunks of biscuit inside and a rich chocolate caramel flavour.

I’m off to do some more baking. Have a very Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have safe and happy holidays.


150g plain chocolate biscuits
1 cup dessicated coconut
2 tbsp cocoa
400g of canned caramel or dulce de leche (I used this)
1 cup coconut, extra, for coating

Line a tray with baking paper.

Crush up the chocolate biscuits, either with a mortar and pestle or in a plastic bag. They should be finely crushed with a few larger pieces in between.

In a large bowl, combine the crushed biscuits, coconut and cocoa. Add the canned caramel and mix well to combine.

Scoop small tablespoons of the mixture and roll them into balls. Coat the truffles in the extra coconut and place on the lined tray.

Refrigerate overnight and they are ready to eat or pack up as gifts! Best store them in the fridge.

8 Thoughts on “Caramel Chocolate Truffles

  1. Love ducle de leche….those truffles look fantastic!
    Happy Holidays!

  2. Hi! I love your recipe…I am thinking of preparing a batch for a friend’s party. They are not into coconut however, any suggestions for susbstitute? Thanks for sharing…

    • You could coat them in crushed nuts or cocoa instead of coconut but you’ll need the coconut inside to retain the right texture. It’s only desiccated coconut so it doesn’t have a strong coconut flavour anyway.

  3. Lyndall on December 9, 2012 at 6:46 am said:

    Greetings! Just made your truffles – so easy, fast and delicious! I found I only used about two-thirds of a cup for rolling them in. Thanks so much for sharing! Merry Christmas!

  4. These are the easiest things in the world to make and they taste delicious. I think once everyone found them hiding in the fridge they were gone in a couple of days! love them! so glad I’ve found your blog, so many other recipes I want to try 😀

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