Polish Blueberry Cakes (Jagodzianki)

Today I am just sharing some photos with you. These little cakes are a traditional Polish pastry, called Jagodzianki (say ya-go-jan-ki).

The name means blueberry cakes, or blueberry pastries. They are made from a basic Polish yeast dough and filled with blueberries.

Most bakeries sell them, or some version of them, in Poland, but I have never had any as good as my mum’s. Bakeries tend to use blueberry jam instead of real blueberries and their pastry just isn’t as light and fluffy as Mum’s.

are one of my mum’s signature dishes, one she loves to make them and everyone gobbles up warm as she pulls them from the oven, tray after tray.

She usually only makes them for special occasions, and this time it was over the Christmas and New Year’s period.

They are warm, with soft and fluffy pastry, with oozy, juicy blueberries inside and a sweet crumble on the top. They are fantastic.

Now I’m really sorry but my mum won’t give me her recipe to post here. She says its her family secret, the recipe for the best Jagodzianki ever, and she doesn’t want her secret out there! So we’ll just have to settle for photos today.

8 Thoughts on “Polish Blueberry Cakes (Jagodzianki)

  1. ooh these looks so pretty and tasty!

  2. Wspaniałe, uwielbiam :)

  3. kimbarot@yahoo.com on September 28, 2012 at 1:01 pm said:

    it would be nice to know how to make it

  4. Och! Jaka szkoda, że bez przepisu ;(

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