Nutella Ganache Truffles

Ok so here goes.

I love   LOVE Nutella. Like, the jar + a spoon + the couch = happiness.

And chocolate. Milk chocolate. I love that too. Cadbury milk chocolate and I are good friends.

So when I saw a recipe for Nutella truffles, that used chocolate and Nutella, I died and went to heaven, just a little.

I made the recipe, as it was written. I liked it, but thought it tasted a little too much like ganache. And I don’t like that buttery grain that ganache leaves at the back of my throat. Am I weird?

Anyway, so then I made it again, my way. More chocolate, more Nutella, totally omitted the butter and added a few of my own little additions, to make this the perfect little Nutella truffle recipe. For me.

They were so good I made these again for my birthday. Which was yesterday.

I am officially 23. And I celebrated with Sour Watermelon Tequila Snow Cones and these Nutella Ganache Truffles. And good friends, of course!

Here I have given you a basic recipe, and you can make your own adjustments as you like. Throw in some add ins and things. I have made these quite a few times now and strongly recommend roughly crumbling up some digestive biscuits, or graham crackers, or Ritz crackers, and mixing them through the mixture. Strongly recommend it. Especially the Ritz crackers.

Inspired by Amy Atlas, via Bake at 350.

200g milk chocolate, chopped (7 oz, 1 cup)
1 cup Nutella (280g, 10 oz)
1/4 tsp salt
6 digestive biscuit or graham crackers, crumbled

In a microwave safe bowl, break up the chocolate.

Microwave for short 30 second bursts, stopping the microwave and stirring the chocolate between each burst.

Once the chocolate is completely melted and smooth, stir in the Nutella and salt. If you decide to throw in some Ritz cracker crumbs, mix them in now.

Taste some mixture. It’s delicious. Try not to eat the whole bowl just yet.

Refrigerate this whole thing until its firm.

Roll teaspoons of the Nutella ganache into balls and coat in the biscuit crumbs.

Return to the fridge until the set again. Makes about 30 small truffles.

22 Thoughts on “Nutella Ganache Truffles

  1. I may have missed it, but how much butter is required :)?

      • oh? but the first step says “In a microwave safe bowl, break up the chocolate and add the butter.”

        • Hey Amy!
          Sorry, those steps were leftover from the first time I made the truffles, and I used a bit of butter. I then made them again completely without and they were so much better so I got rid of it from the ingredient list but seemed to have forgotten to take it out of the instructions!
          It is all fixed now on the recipe, so it should all make sense :-)
          Thanks for pointing out the error!

  2. jordan on June 2, 2012 at 12:22 pm said:

    Happy belated Birthday!!! these looks SO good. I’m gonna pin this for christmas- i love making truffles to give away.

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  6. Heidy on July 29, 2012 at 5:43 am said:

    look delicious. thank you very much. just discovered you blog and love it!

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  8. Aha! Is this where your idea for Nutella ganache that you use in so many of your recipes comes from? Yum! Thank you! I am enjoying reading your blog so much.

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  10. ChristinaMaroc on August 18, 2013 at 4:31 am said:

    thats my Christmas presents sorted for this year then! Looks fabulous

  11. Just made this for my cousins – with dark chocolate! It looked so good and they totally loved it! Thank you :) :,)

  12. Victoria Geddes on December 4, 2014 at 1:13 am said:

    Hi there! How much (weight wise) Ritz crackers would you recommend adding in to the mixture? You prefer this to mixing in extra Digestives….? Its not too salty? Or this works well? (Making these for a Christmassy gathering at the weekend….) :-) Thanks!

    • Hi Victoria! Although I fondly remember how delicious these truffles were, I did make these over two years ago and have no clue as to the weight of the Ritz crackers! I love the salty/sweet combo and think that Ritz are lovely the way they crumble and melt in your mouth so I highly recommend them over digestives! I would advise to maybe add a handful of roughly crumbled crackers to the Nutella ganache, have a taste and if you want more crunch, keep adding to taste :-)

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